26th May 2010 - The fine art of procrastination

I’ve been spending far too much time recently watching the Travel Channel. I love travel shows. My favourite at the moment is Globe Trekker where the presenters go off the beaten track and rough it a bit giving a flavour of the real place not just the tourist brochure. I can’t resist them, especially on days when I’ve been shut away in my ‘duvet sound booth’ recording vocals. Nice to be reminded that there’s an actual world outside even if I’m not in it. And if I’m honest it’s also a subconscious delaying tactic. I really honed this at university whenever I had an assignment: tidy my desk, arrange all my books and pens in an anally retentive fashion, select just the right background music, make a cup of coffee, write out a work plan, oh look there’s something on tv and I deserve a break after all the preparation I’ve done…
When I was younger I used to make lists of all the places I wanted to visit and I would pin the photos on my bedroom wall. I was going to be one of those fearless and endlessly curious types who’d strap on a backpack and bus into Afghanistan and in my head I actually am like that. In reality I can’t cope with the heat, I’m a strict vegetarian so food is nearly always a problem, I’m scared of bugs and uptight about personal hygiene. Plus travelling takes huge amounts of time and money - stuff I never thought about when I was a kid. Consequently I’ve travelled very little. But whenever I have I’ve always found it hugely inspirational. There’s something about travelling by bus or train that forces me to slow down and observe and that always makes me feel creative. I just love catching glimpses of people’s lives as you pass through a town or watching the landscape changing outside the window. There’s so much scope for the imagination. Favourite places so far are Rome, New York, Berlin and Martha’s Vineyard.
I’m hoping to plan some overseas tours in the future so if you have any suggestions of cool places to play I’m all ears…
Any tips from seasoned travellers on how to be less of a travel wuss would also be welcome.

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