29th January 2010 - The tardis

Well, I said last time I’d post some photos of my tiny studio and here they are. And it really is tiny and I really wasn‘t kidding when I said it was a room in my house. You won’t find any fancy egg box soundproofing, careful positioning of speakers, expensive microphones hanging from the ceiling. Oh no. Things are balanced precariously on top of other things, there are leads trailing everywhere, it’s a health and safety nightmare and, as you can tell, all terribly professional.
Notice the prolific and slightly alarming collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel boxsets - revealing that not only am I a bit of a geek but I’m also really old cos they’re all on video. Video?! I can’t even flog them on eBay!
Anyway, my set up is quite basic at the moment. There’s the Mac, of course, and Logic and my trusty Kurzweil keyboard (actually, it’s not so trusty because periodically it shorts out and turns itself off which led to several interesting moments on stage so it’s been retired to the studio) which does the bulk of the work. All the instruments and mics get routed through a midi/audio interface, in this case a nifty little box from Edirol. I also have several guitars, more than a pianist needs really but I seem to have acquired them over the years and they look very impressive lined up on their stands. A few years back I went through a phase of buying random percussion instruments and am currently deciding how to work them in to all the songs - there’s always room for a nice gourd and some finger cymbals!
Anyway, next time I’ll explain how I’ve constructed a rather effective vocal booth completely out of ol
d bedding…

So much stuff so little space iMac, worker of miracles

My temperamental Kurzweil Board of inspiration


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