2oth January 2010 - New album blog

Right, it's a new year and it's time for a new album and a new blog to document the process.
About 3 months ago I took the plunge and bought a lovely shiny Imac and Logic Studio software and set about putting together my own mini studio (when I say 'studio' I mean cramming all the gear into the tiniest room in my house).
For the first month I just sat and looked at it because it was scary and I had no idea where to start.
The next month I swore at it because I couldn't get any of it to work properly. Then I spoke to some technically-minded friends who explained that I was plugging leads into the wrong place and doing silly things like not switching the volume on correctly.
I'm too impatient to read the manuals properly so I threw myself in at the deep end and just learnt whatever it was I wanted to do that particular day. So far Logic has been AMAZING. I have always written songs on a piano or guitar and built up the arrangement in my head or on paper so this is a whole new way of working which is very exciting.
This will be my fourth recording and the plan is to exercise complete creative freedom and independence from start to finish.
Please feel free to post comments, ask questions or make suggestions along the way and hopefully this will be an interesting experience as the album comes together.
Next time I’ll post some piccies of the smallest studio in the world…

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